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Waddle App

Bring your ducks to life with the Waddle App. The app seamlessly animates your ducks in both PFP and full-body versions and can be easily downloaded as GIFs. More animation types to come!

The Waddle App requires you to have a duck

What's a Waddle Pass?

Mint a Waddle Pass

The Waddle pass is a completely optional mint that gives people a way to show interest in continued development of Waddle App. The core Waddle and Waddle PFP will always be free for duckie holders, but future animation types will require holding a Waddle Pass.

At certain mint amounts, new animations will be confirmed to be possible:

100 Mints: Unlock production start of GM mode
300 Mints: Unlock production start of Hidden Trait Combos
500 Mints: Unlock production start of Dance Mode
1000+ Mints: Continual production on Waddle App for 2023

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