Rubber Duck Bath Party is an art collection exploring the intersection of art, technology and human interaction. The collection is made out of 10,000 digital collectibles, known as NFTs, and successfully minted on the Ethereum blockchain on March 1, 2022. Each collectible consists of two art pieces: Ducks and Cubes.

We strongly believe that digital art has the potential to be much more than simply displaying art digitally. As demonstrated since the inception of the collection, we are exploring new ideas that push beyond traditional boundaries and demonstrate the limitless possibilities of a new generation of art.


Ducks are fun, optimistic and designed to capture a wide range of personalities, they are created with over 222 hand-drawn traits. Over the course of 2022 collectors had the option to send their ducks to Bath Parties causing their ducks to evolve. Each time a duck evolved, a new version was added to the collection, increasing the depth of the art and adding to the duck's story and legacy. At the end of the year, with the onset of The Freeze collectors were posed with The Choice and had to pick a single version to represent the duck forever. The Freeze is widely considered to be the largest decentralized art curation event of its kind.


Cubes are pieces of land on Rubberia, the planet that all ducks migrated to with the onset of The Freeze. These interactive and dynamic art pieces feature a minimalist and serene style that invites collectors to engage. Every Cube contains eggs, seeds, and chests which bring life to the Cube and are revealed throughout 2023.



Tech - Founder



Art - Founder