The art of Rubber Duck Bath Party by Gal Shir features a colorful, cheeky, and playful style. The collection includes 10,000 different rubber ducks, generated from 222 unique hand-drawn traits illustrated by Gal.

Gal aims to create a lovable long-lasting brand by combining a cheerful and fresh color palette, iconic stylized dotted line-art, and creative and humoristic content. While all the pieces share the same art style, Gal believes that each duck reflects a specific personality and has its own unique voice.


Gal Shir is a digital artist based in Tel Aviv, making the internet a little more colorful with his playful and imaginative style. Gal has been publishing his work online for years and has grown sizeable communities of fellow art lovers.

Gal entered the NFT world in early 2021, believing that NFTs create a new way to interact with art, where the audience builds a deeper connection with the artwork. His NFT artworks include the Slimes World collection, and unique pieces sold on OpenSea and Foundation. Gal's vision is to enable art lovers to gain ownership of their favorite artworks.

Gal's art videos on YouTube and Instagram show the illustration process behind his artworks to inspire other artists and allow people to experience art from its inception. Why are most artworks these days presented in their final and complete form? Gal breaks this standard by inviting the viewer to participate and appreciate art from creation to the final state.